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Broadest deployment veterans and sacrifice comrades lunchbox spoons

 Not a former soldier who perhaps will regret a lifetime, a former soldier in the people's perception of things, for the feelings of focus can be to an unprecedented height, a burning desire, in order to defend the country, in order to the safety of the people, for the purpose of social stability.Lunch box manufacturer with you feel the soldiers in the broadest deployment of deep friendship.

Story to back last year.On October 20, 2013, participated in the broadest deployment of baoying veterans Li Jinhua, with a collection of more than 20 years to sacrifice his comrades Mr Tang legacy: a lunch box with a spoon, came to his home town of nanjing, planted lunch box and a spoon on the grave of Mr Tang.Complete near his wish Li Jinhua this year finally reached more than a dozen workers, about the qingming festival came to Mr Tang's tomb, shrine of the comrades, in a line of comrade liu domhke don't forget to give Mr Tang point a cigarette, as well as the army from nanjing townsfolk with comrades, Mr Tang decades down still remember the battlefield Shouting, "do or die".After that Mr Tang sacrifice, veterans returned to hometown of willow domhke during qingming festival every year he lit up a cigarette to Mr Tang, from a glass of wine.Think about ever live together, battle comrades, willow domhke sigh a way: "we came back alive, now have a wife and children, the somebody else a guy at a young age is lying over there, so we have these war soldiers, whenever you are thinking of sacrifice comrades, we are brothers."
"Qingming festival, you want to drink two cups together with old comrades in arms."10 o 'clock in the morning, the nanjing cloudy sky in the drizzle, Li Jinhua with comrades line of more than 10 people brought flowers and yearning, the path led to Mr Tang tomb, this time, Li Jinhua also brought baoying hometown liquor, he wants a few drinks and old comrade-in-arms fung."Mr Tang, before we're in the army will often drink together, this time, I bring wine, my brother to drink two cups, I do for worship first!"Li Jinhua picked up a cup full of wine, and gulp neck supine, and another glass of wine was sprinkled on the tomb.And silently stood beside a dozen more than 40 years old man looked at also cry, they held it, low head, let the rain and tears in the eyes.

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In the lunch box manufacturer salute to sacrifice comrades, to stick to in their own positions comrades still the most sincere greetings, to express the most sincere blessing has veteran comrades.