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Little boy below glass container be scratched face plastics lunch box manufacturer suggested that families with children in plastic cups

 Families with children need to have a lot of attention, especially have not yet fully ability to care for children, a lot of things are likely to cause damage to them, such as iron products, porcelain, glass, and so on are always likely to be "weapon".Recently,have children together have a glass container to face events, plastics lunch box manufacturer to advise parents into plastic cups to protect the health of children.

On May 9, 8 PM, the emergency center of the bandage the doctor uncovered the children face gauze, wound with 1 cm deep.Morning, in the child's mother said to the child after watering, conveniently put the cup on the bed beside the windowsill, as she turned to the other room when taking something naughty boys want to go to take the glass window sill lunch box, I didn't think abort the glass on the floor, oneself also fell off the bed.Very worried by the mother, the child's face will leave scars on this issue, they immediately sent children to HaiCi hospital cure therapy.
Emergency workers said that the broken shards of glass in the children left a long face about 4 cm, ca. 1 cm deep wounds.They help the hospitals, and ultimately determine the children to hospitals HaiCi dental emergency.The doctor said the wound is likely to be in the boy's face cheek a scar, but by the late repair cosmetic surgery and other means.So the child mom wouldn't have to worry in the child facial scar and affect our children's future.
To the safety of the children, the future children have a healthy space to grow up, parents must seriously rise, do not put fragile, sharp, hard things children easy to touch the place, and daily necessities is to choose the best plastic products, such as plastic glass, plastics lunch box, etc., affordable and safe.

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