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Logical administration dream kingdom strong start to the Disney project plan end of lunch box activity

 The planning and implementation of new projects can bring great impact, in each aspect has the profound significance.Logical administration dream kingdom held on May 10, 11, "gratitude a mother's love, worth 120 yuan authentic Disney lunch box to send" activities, as long as the mother to take children to logical administration dream kingdom exhibition center, can obtain a value 120 yuan authentic Disney lunch box.

Huaibei logical administration dream kingdom covers an area of 100 mu, with a total investment of 700 million yuan, including 15000 square meters dream kingdom culture 
theme park of science and technology, 65000 square meters of characteristic culture blocks, project construction period of 20 months.Huaibei city government and logical administration investment co., LTD in anhui huaibei city youth demonstration base and logical administration formally signed the dreamy kingdom investment agreement.
After the completion of the project will become the first domestic culture as the core, science and technology as the means, children as the main body, the family as the unit of children's entertainment center, cultural tourism for the transformation of the mode of economic development, adjusting industrial structure, enriching the connotation of the huaibei city new cultural tourism, increasing huaibei city popularity, huaibei city and surrounding cities to meet the people in such aspects as cultural tourism consumption demand has important and far-reaching significance.
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In this activity, let the children play in the dream to play both facilities, and to the mothers and the most sincere wishes for plastic lunch box and can also receive safe environmental protection.Lunch box manufacturers in this wish the project's success at an early date.