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Out of healthy lunch box to court on the phone's damaged do not talk things over

 At ordinary times in life, we filled the water healthy lunch box have random placement problem, had put where you may, or end up walking and to drink, have something with the didn't drink the cup sitting around.In so doing, whether or not you will considered the glass carelessly will be met?You fell down?Around the inside of the overflow to influence other items?In general, the chances of that appear such problems.Maybe you haven't seen for over healthy lunch box to a cell phone is damaged and the final court, healthy lunch box manufacturers together to see the specific content of the incident.

Zhao mou payment after a supermarket to buy things, he will be on the register of healthy lunch box over, soaked it at the checkout counter at the bottom of the bag, lead to package 4 s flood damage.Subsequently, the two sides for compensation dispute, zhao
A certain appeal.In the review, the case for a healthy lunch box is who knocked off, each side.To this end, the judge to the apple after obtaining the relevant information, find out, in accordance with apple's user agreement, iphone 4 s (32 g) in the absence of a third party repairing or catastrophic damage under the condition of the damaged, can enjoy 1698 yuan exchange business.In addition, the mobile phone has been used almost one year.In the end, the court ordered the original at its discretion, the accused each 50% of responsibility, take to the original, the accused said.
But then again, if the time on the register of healthy lunch box is a with cover healthy lunch box, so also won't appear the impasse.You may wonder, who all know that has a lid healthy lunch box can prevent fall leaks, but with a cover on healthy lunch box is not convenient to drink.Yes, this is understandable explanation;But perhaps you don't know have to drink water and convenient with cover healthy lunch box, one hand can solve the problem of drinking water, hot on the market at present is quite high, like friends can try try, convenient and practical, everyone can see.

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