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Plastic lunch box industry secret: "mixed recycled material do you know?"
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 In a variety of industries, there are a lot of you are not in the know, so-called into a line as a line, just know polish on the surface of the back is just a decoration, specific or as the product is safe and practical.Eco throughout plastic lunch box manufacturer Carton industry, the mixed waste, mixed with plasticizer, toner "dirty" companies are still returned.

Recycled bottle blowing, adding plasticizer, according to industry insiders, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, still choose to produce bottles with a food grade plastic."Generally speaking, food-grade plastic, it is a good PET raw materials in 12000 ~ 15000 yuan/ton, in the food grade 8000 ~ 9000 yuan/ton."The food-grade materials will pollute the water, a polymer concentrations of organic matter, long-term accumulation will affect kidney function.
Take waste contains some heavy metal antimony catalyst, eligibility criteria is not more than 0.05 mg/kg, good material can reach 0.01 mg/kg, and waste can reach 0.04 mg/kg.State standards still need to improve on the water bottle.Not super Standard is not equal to safety.
"And generally see colored bottles, I won't drink."Dong jinshi, says because of the opaque, adding waste bottles of the masterbatch will be difficult to identify, the impurities in the water also can't see.
Because of the color plastic lunch box, usually add some toner.These pigments sometimes can not meet the requirements of food grade, especially some acidic beverages, will make the toner of dissolution in the bottle.
Companies in order to guarantee profits, also began to constantly compressed procurement costs, hidden rules also arises at the historic moment.This is bound to make a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises to produce better quality, higher safety performance products to win market opportunities, including xin YueTang eco lunch box factory
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