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Plastic lunch boxs in scheme, for the old people into the game too deep
Author:qin senlinVisits:Addtime:14/06/18Source:lunch box factory

 At present, there are a lot of racketeers using the care of old people in different psychological health maintenance to set, many old people suffer.Recently, there is a crook gangs with "high-end multi-functional drinking cup" to attract the eyeball, eventually through dishonest means a lot of empty after the old man's money.

Pinch pennies to live a life in destination Li Dama at ordinary times, often focus on some discount information.The other day, she listen to the neighbors said that one company is running at a hotel near high-end goods promotion, to early can receive free use.After Li Dama heard, very is happy, the second day early in the morning, she arrived at the hotel.
Just go upstairs, Li Dama corridor, the room filled with old people.After asking, turned out to be a company is selling a high-end multi-functional drinking cup.Staff claimed that the plastic lunch boxs long-term use have health care function, a market for 800 yuan, because
You come early, plastic lunch boxs is provided free of charge, but afraid of someone is eligible, requiring people to need to pay 400 yuan deposit, can take the box to money back in two days.
At first, Li Dama is still a little hesitant, but see a lot of lines in front of the people are paying led plastic lunch boxs, oneself also move the heart."Anyway, also can refund in two days."Li Dama after some consideration, pay 400 yuan.
Two days later, Li Dama and many plastic lunch boxs citizens again came to the hotel, found that is empty, the hotel staff do not know their whereabouts.
At present, the public security organ is the source of the investigation in the liar, speed up the case broke.Through this scheme, the plastic lunch boxs manufacturer to remind everybody, especially the elderly friends, must not blindly to pursue some health care products, whether the person is very easy to set the con outlaws.