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Why they can not escape the ferry and save themselves

When we were reading the news, our lunch box factory designer Wang felt confused why the ferry passengers cloud not escape and saved by themselves. I think it is common to think that the ferry shold not sink immediately, it should float for some time before the ferry submerge.

But after read the following news, it make this confusion clear.
The survivors told the harrowing tales of confusion and desperation as people slid along the floor of the sharply listing ship, colliding with one another.Or found themselves trapped in the cabin by the wall of water.
The rescued passengers said,"after they heard a booming noise, the ship began to lean and they heard the emergency broadcast which asked them to stay where they are and calm down". "The luggage started to fell down and we felt terrified, we had not idea what is going on, but this crew still ask to stay in the place and do nothing".
Nearly 300 missing after ferry sinks 

"The ship tilting suddently, and the people started skidding down from above." The rescue passengers told the reporter about this. " I found the railing and held tightly, want to go above, but I get hit by the falling-out people and pushed down to the bottom."
"It took only about 11second to tilt over,and then I began sliding from end to end."one rescued passenger said.
When the water started flowing in, the passengers put on their life vest and try to escape, but it the late to announce the passengers to escape outside, for the only few of exit can be used that time, some have been blocked.Many passengers gathered in the entertainment center. There is power off when the ferry is capsized, therefore it is hard for the frantic passenger to escape.
"When we were safe, the 3th flood of the ferry is totally submerged," one survivor said. XYT lunch box factory hope more and more missing passengers can be found and come back safely.
The studently trapped in sinking ferry, 287 students are reported missing