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With plastic lunch box shoulder the rake of the old "gardener" community volunteering one is 15 years

 Have so a group of people around us, they are based on morality, ideal, conscience, sympathy and responsibility, to social improvement by providing services, contribution of personal time and energy and personal skills.They have no age limit, without any discrimination, don't need anything in return, has been quietly doing unselfish dedication to the society.In Harbin city guanghua neighborhood, there is a figure with plastic lunch box shoulder rake old man worked as a volunteer in the neighbourhood, one is 15 years.

Wu Guangbin, 83, a retired engineer, lived for 15 years, the residential area has been a resident in the eyes of "celebrity".He is always wearing the same clothes and flowers and plants, nearby people know him.As long as you have the time, he will go down, weeding and flowers, snow, BuLu, tore small advertisement, as long as it is beneficial to people's things he will do.Now under his care, community originally drought years of five flower bed, now every summer all the beautiful flowers.He also take the seeds to other communities.Wu Guangbin, said he saw you see he grows flowers happy appearance, the in the mind is especially beautiful.
Mention Wu Guangbin may not many people know, but said to serve village flowers and plants of the old gardener, many people would think that wearing a blue hat, wearing blue overalls, wearing a pair of rubber shoes, with plastic lunch box carrying rakes.The old man called Wu Guangbin, since went to live in this neighborhood, duty as a community "gardener", one is 15 years.
Nowadays, good deeds are not surprising, social harmony and progress "is each person's obligations and responsibilities.Here, the plastic lunch box manufacturer called on everyone to act together to build better homes, wish the good life of peace.

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