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Bicycle derivatives market: bicycle to school lunch box potential is to be reckoned with
Author:qin senlinVisits:Addtime:14/06/18Source:lunch box factory

Bicycle to school lunch box is also called the bicycle sports school lunch box, bike outdoor school lunch box, sales grow only in the market, its main reason is that more and more "ride the enhancement", not only hot bike sales, also to drive the bicycle to school lunch box rapid development.
In early April every year to the end of October is bike sales season.Cyclist is very broad, from ordinary workers and students, to white-collar workers, business owners, ranging in age from 20 s to 50 s."Ordinary lovers, will purchase bicycle entry-level 3000 yuan;
And enthusiasts can buy LiuQiQian yuan, spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a bike, are abundant, the reason is pure love."He said, the store since 2008, bike sales growing at 30% a year, and more than 80% of the" ride "a car is to strengthen physical health.
With a $3000 bike as an example, the owner in the cycling jerseys, helmet, gloves, lamp, clock, bicycle to school lunch box, pump and other aspects of the additional spending, reached 1500 yuan.With the development of e-commerce, bicycle derivatives on the Internet
More affordable.In taobao, input "ride" 2 words, 405000 pieces of related products, everything.The bicycle to school lunch box will account for more than 20000 of them, can be found in the heat of the high.
"Ride" friend ride out must to do a good job of preparation, the bicycle sports school lunch box manufacturer remind: when riding protection equipment to complete, such as helmets, knee, ankle, elbow pads and other protective devices to be equipped with, in order to prevent the sprain in cycling, take bicycle sports school lunch box to prevent heat consumption and heat stroke, the speed you'd better keep in 20 km/hour.