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How can the hot lunch box led to career of helping, let lunch box manufacturer tell you the story

 The is the story about how can the hot lunch box led to career of helping, XYT lunch box manufacturer will tell you about this story. The story is wrote by TOM today, I visited to Oakdale Cemetery. I missed Fred Means and try to looked for his grave.

I had collected some of his biographical material after he dead, and put them together to become a picture to commemorate him. I find this picture out when I miss him. And it makes me recall some our experience together.Fred Mean came to work for the Patton Memorial Hospital by accident .
He took train to to Asheville and got off at the Hendersonville station to meet an old friend. But he surprisingly stayed the next 44 years there to help the patient who suffer. Help to ease their pain and cure them.

I suddently recall the story him told me about him and Dr. Salley. The story began with a hot lunch box.
"One day Dr Salley asked me to fill a hot lunch box for the patient. I filled it full, then I took the lunch box back to him. He looked at the bottle and went to the sink,poured the water out and refilled it.He did not say anything, just show me how to do in silence."It hurt my feelings. Because it is so simple, what else I can do if I can not do this simple work. So I decide to take my job seriously and carefully.
"After that lesson, I fill water just fine. If they are too full, they can’t reach the correct point of the patient’s pain. If they are not full enough, they don't do any good. I always receive the compliment in the way I fill hot lunch box."
The main reason lunch box manufacturer want to share this story is because we hope you can learn onething from this. Pay attention to the simple thing, do it well, then will be capable to do some hard work.