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lunch box filling stations will be built in Traverse city

 After searching more and more news, lunch box manufacturer find the building of the lunch box filling station become more and more popular.

Three lunch box filling will be built in Traverse city this summer. And there will be built in the open space, which will be coated the forest green color.This idea will be handed in to the city commission next week for approval.
"This project will bring two aspect of benefit for this city, one is to function as traditional drinking fountain, and the others is for people to refill the water into their owns lunch box", the sport bottle manufacturer said. They told us that the current fountains in this city are too heavy and they have planned to reduce the use of lunch boxs.
Actually back in 2009, the commission in this city had established a resolution to ban the sales of the bottled water and prohibit the citizen to purchase the bottled 
water. The establish this resolution base on the benefit for this city. They had try to start this movement long time ago, but did not fulfill well.

The filling stations are funded by the generous donar, which cost about $8000.
About a year ago, Hagerty Insurance gave a grant to this city.They would match funding if the city found two additional donors. 
The sites of the lunch box filling station have been determined:near the volleyball court, one at the marina entrance, and one west of the marina down by the bay. 
The committee scheduled to install the lunch box filling station in May, and be finished in October.
 XYT sport bottle manufacturer said, more and more generous donate in this city will receive because the citizens have realize gradually that they will benifit from these kind of project.